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Workshop Program 2019

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We are offering three different workshops in the first half of 2019 varying from the 1 week graphite workshop through to the extended 1 month ‘Personal Masterpiece’ course. Each course delivers an education in the same hyperrealistic style using graphite, charcoal and other dry media. All workshops will take place at our Atelier in Warmsen, Germany.
With our recent expansion of our curriculum we are sure you will be able to find the right course for you, to enable you to reach the next level in your craft and to expand and develop your character as an artist.
All courses are available to beginners through to advanced artists (it's best to send us some work samples for the Masterpiece Workshop) and are taught by Dirk Dzimirsky. You will learn Dirk's personal technique for creating hyperrealistic art.
Please read the detailed description of each workshop below. If you have any questions please read the FAQ page.

Hyperrealistic drawing in graphite workshop
One Week Hyperrealism Portrait Drawing Workshop (Graphite and other Pencils)

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This 1 week course consists of 5 days in which we will cover the basics of hyperrealism and the portrait. Working with graphite on A3 paper and working from a supplied photograph, you will be shown how to create the initial line drawing, apply the first basic layers through to the final detailing and texturing. You are shown how to render and match tone and texture through layering and blending. Personal and group tuition includes an explanation of the materials used and demonstration on how to create depth, atmosphere and life within your portrait. We will demonstrate every single step to a hyperealistic portrait drawing for you to follow. We will answer all your questions and also will discuss studio practices.
While working from photographs during the workshop the gained skills and knowledge can and should be used for life drawing and painting experiences as well. You will be guided through the process to create your final work.
*Note: The workshop is for beginners as well as for advanced attendants. While the techniques and theories of the 5 day workshop are advanced contents by nature they are crucial to learn early on to avoid lots of trials and errors later and keeps you from getting frustrated and demotivated.

Hyperrealism charcoal drawing course
Two Weeks Charcoal Hyperrealism Drawing Portrait Workshop

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This 2 week workshop covers all the topics and follows the same structure as the 1 week workshop above but we use Charcoal as our medium. We will work on a bigger scale and due to the nature of the drawing medium need more time. While basically using the same techniques and concepts like we use in drawing with graphite, there are still some significant differences. The extra 5 days allow us to work on a larger scale and taking into account the slower process of working with charcoal. We demonstrate how to prepare a canvas for charcoal drawing, the drawing itself will be executed on an already prepared surface.
*Note: While this workshop is open for all levels it is recommended for intermediate to advanced attendants. If you are unsure if this course is for you please send us work samples and tell us a bit about your drawing experiences so far.

Four weeks Advanced Hyperrealistic Masterpiece Workshop

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The 1 Month Advanced ‘Personal Masterpiece’ Workshop is a new kind of workshop we have decided to create. In this workshop we aim to allow the student the time needed to create their own compositions and to work on a larger scale.
The 1 month course consists of 20 full days group and personal tuition with the student having enough time to help create their first personal masterpiece. Working in dry media and on surface of own choice, the student will be taking their own photographs of a model supplied by the studio and will therefore be responsible for their own composition under Dirk's guidance. Photography basics are not essential as you will be helped along the way by the course staff and helped with lighting to create a professional looking photograph to work from. We will spend time discussing composition and atmosphere and you will be in complete control of the kind of portrait you would like to create.
The 1 month course teaches the same techniques of tonal rendering, transitioning tones, texturing and fine details as the other smaller courses but the student will be working on a larger scale so more time is given to not only cover the size but also help is given with tackling the difficulties that can occur when working on a larger size.
This course aims to supply the student with all the knowledge needed to not only create a Hyperrealistic Personal Masterpiece but also to develop their own personal artistic voice and style!
We start with developing ideas and sketching out the composition. After that we take photos of models provided or of ourselves according to our sketches.
We will discuss each idea and the photos thoroughly. We then transfer the printed photos to our surface which is free to choose in material and size (maximum size is 100 x 100 cm, keep transportation in mind as well!).
All various techniques needed will be discussed and demonstrated in detail to give you all the knowledge and tools to work on your masterpiece.
*Note: This extended course is for intermediate to advanced students. It's best to send us work samples and a description of your drawing experiences after your registration.

Hyperrealistic masterpiece drawing workshop