General Information

Our Vision

Dedicated to quality and the artistic and personal development of artists from around the world we train in technique and creativity as we help develop personal discipline and artistic expression in our specialist field of realistic and hyperrealistic art.

Join us in this unmissable chance to learn from one of the world's leading artist in the field of hyperrealism and to become a member of our exclusive, expanding network connecting artists, galleries, clients and collectors.

General Information

Atelier Address:

Schamerloh 84 - 31606 Warmsen, Germany.

Maximum Class Size:

16 students for Graphite Workshop, 12 for the Charcoal Workshop and 10 for the Masterpiece Workshop.

Weekly Schedule:

From Saturday to Wednesday (at longer workshops it is possible to work on the free days as well)
8 hours per day
9am to 5pm (lunch break at 12pm)


German and English


In Front of School / Free


Located in the idyllic, rural surroundings of Warmsen, Lower Saxony in Germany, the atelier offers the feel of a relaxing art retreat amidst picturesque countryside. Teaching will take place within a large studio classrooms. More cities accessible via Minden train station (about 20 minutes by car away). Local accommodation is available.

Dirk Dzimirsky

Principal Instructor

Daniel Davies


Nia Hasnah